Nothing To Pick Apart Tonight..

A weak start against the Avalanche turned into an extremely strong finish for our Boys In White, Blue and Green. Horvat had a strong game in the face off circle and, IMO, he had his first career goal tonight. That’s okay though, we’ll give it to Henrik Dorsett for now. Another Canadian turned Swede, Daniel Bonino, got 2 more goals tonight which is telling me that Bonino for Kesler straight across would’ve made the Canucks winners on that trade. So I guess it appears they didn’t just win that trade they got the ‘pot of gold’ with that trade? Now I do realize it is early and the Canucks have not run into any injury trouble to test their depth but when they are playing like they are I prefer to live in the moment. There is no reason not to be excited about this team and as you can see they are even improving. Edler had a strong night, Hamhuis is noticeably rid of the face shield and Stanton once again proves he is the best waiver pick up in Canucks history. Miller is 9 – 1 and I would not have guessed that for a million years. So, as they are now let’s not complain let’s ride the wave and enjoy every winning moment. And Miller? Just keep proving me wrong the words you are making me eat are damn delicious, just one favor Miller…. Can you and the boys serve them to me in a gleaming silver CUP? Peace, out….. Oh and Patrick Roy’s face was Goal Light Red

Bieksa peace sign