My Valentine’s Blog

I love you because you never try to change who I am

You make suggestions and let me decide for myself

you tolerate my immaturity and love me just because you do…

I love you because you are beautiful, kind and you care

you walk by my side on life’s journeys

support me high and low always remaining true….

I love you because when you smile my life has meaning

the stars glitter in in your eyes

telling me I am home on a full moon….

I love you because you help make my life happy

you hold my hand and my heart not to judge

but most of all Tammy, I love you just because you are you…

Happy Valentine’s Day Honey


Cory Schneider’s report card, presented by Long Island University

We have another trade where we are trying to figure out who the winner is. Schneider gets a D? I guarantee no Canack fan will give Bo Horvat a D. C+ at worst. My gosh, did Gillis do at least one thing right?