There has been a lot of talk around the NHL about the Buffalo Sabres parting ways with defense-man Tyler Myers. Everyone seems to have their dream trade set it their minds and all of us armchair GMs would be real quick to pull the trigger on. I know you’re one of these people that Gm teams in your living room so what do you think? What would it take to get the 6’8″,  219 pound monster here in Vancouver? Is he worth the Moon or would a couple future stars and a pick or two suffice? I would have to guess Buffalo would want Bo Horvat and the Canucks first pick in the 2015 draft. Would Buffalo trade just to get assets to maybe move up in the draft? We have to remember there is a totally different thought process involved between playoff and non playoff teams as to what they may be willing to trade for. So I ask all Vancouver Canucks official arm chair GMs, would you want Myers and what kind of package would you put together for him? I would like to discuss this in my next blog so give me some of your reasonable ideas as well as your permission to post your comment. Have a great day and may the Canucks be with you.

Tyler Myers (Buffalo)

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