#BoycottEKane in Vancouver… At this point in time all I see in the media is Evander Kane this Evander Kane that. I have to ask what is so great about Kane and why does everyone think he has all this value? What has he done to earn any of that sort of respect, I see nothing special there at all, perhaps I am short-sighted or don’t have any vision at all, but I don’t see it. All I see is a maybe…. Don’t the Canucks have enough maybes? The Canucks are only a year or two away from some major restructuring, I think all of us can see where the true problem lies within our dear Canucks. I don’t mean any disrespect when I say this at all but all things come to an end sometime, right? That end is not far away at all which means we will be adding pieces to fill big holes left by departure. I just gotta ask is Evander Kane a player that will be capable of filling any of these holes? I mean honestly, don’t apply your criticism to the fact that he is a hometown boy lets ask ourselves realistically if the Canucks need this. He has never played a full season without injury he averages in the mid sixties for games played per season. He has broken 20 goals once in 2011-2012 with 30 and scoring 19 goals on two different occasions. Is this worth Horvat, Virtanen and a 1st round pick, really is it? I mean Horvat is starting to show some value and feels like the surer maybe. I know I am not a genius I have been wrong but boy trading for Kane couldn’t feel more wrong. I had the same deep gut feeling when the Canucks signed Messier and Sundin and when they hired Gillis and Torts. Hiring Iron Mike was the only train wreck I didn’t feel coming until it was too late oddly enough. I don’t see this being a good thing for the Canucks honestly I would rather have just kept Kesler.

A couple of positives I have noticed are Ronalds Kenins and Clendening. Kenins is a hard working young guy that works hard and seems to know how to shoot the puck I mean 2 goals in 3 games kind of makes me wonder why he is sitting over Chris Higgins. Maybe Higgins needs a rest or something but to me he has been pretty invisible the last month or so. How many goals Higgy? Sorry bud but you have been a streaky player that has always been fairly decent defensively and to me that says third line. Ryan Clendening is a d-man that has seemed to just slide into place nicely. Smooth skater good passer that could use a bit more edge, we’ll know soon if he fits or not.

I love our Canucks I really do I just find it extremely hard to believe they can be the team they were that beat the Penguins on Saturday as well as the team (with brief flashes of the Saturday team) they were against Minnesota on Monday. There was no resemblance of teams there at all despite the brief flashes. What would this fall under for jurisdiction of blame here? Obviously the preparation for the 2 games was totally different. It had to be to see such a vast body of difference between the 2 Canuck teams. Is this the coach, his staff, the trainers or just plain disinterest on the part of the players? I don’t know, I can only shake my head say #BoycottEKane, smile and wave cause the last thing we need here is to give up young talent for the center of a circus. @StuartLucky must understand what I’m talking about look at the beautiful feature image he made for me. Fantastic artwork thanks Stuart. Til next time folks don’t let some crazy nightmare ruin your buzz.

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