Was that Kiss or Kess? Not certain at this point but I know we, as Canuck fans, are pretty happy to boo Kess out of town. I admit I wasn’t surprised at the reaction he got from Vancouver fans but I find myself surprised that he was shocked by the welcome he got for his first game back here as a Duck. As well as he played in Vancouver for ten years he would have to expect that the people he essentially played for would be a bit irritated that he jumped ship. A professional band wagon jumper couldn’t have done it better. I understand and respect the fact that he saw no future in Vancouver as that is his choice to make just don’t tell the fans of the team you want off of that you love the city and never asked to be traded. How do you think they are going to react feeling rejcted by a player they loved for ten years? @StuartLucky a talented cyber artist had this for me this week and I ask Canuck fans.. Does this sum it all up?                                                                                                                 kesler at dinner table

Some more work from @StuartLucky tells me Kesler had other things on his mind than playing hockey and I’m sure you have all heard the rumors, you know, the same kind of rumor that followed ex Canuck Jeff Brown out of town in 94′? worst comes to worst Kess can always get a modeling job, eh? Stuart’s question was “who wears it best?” What do you think?                                               Kess and girl, Bare

Getting back to hockey now, the Canucks performance against Phe I mean, Arizona was the first time this season that I have seen a mirror of last season in the fact that they really didn’t seem to have much interest in playing. I questioned the edge missing from their play all game and quite honestly it did remind me of last year. It is a mute point whether Hanzal’s goal should have counted or not. The Canucks weren’t dangerous before the goal and sure it not counting may have created a different reaction from Vancouver but I think we all had an idea of how that game going to finish. It just had one of those, nothing is going right, vibes to it. Did they just take the Coyotes too lightly? That was a common occurrence last season, disinterest and under estimation. Very common indeed. The Oiler game was a perfect example of this but fortunately they finished that off with all of us Canuck fans wondering if we were watching an all star game. Back and forth all night and it was without a doubt an exciting game to watch unless you were coaching staff or management. This will not work in the playoffs against power teams it will be simply they’re back and no forth. The Canucks did manage to steal a point from the Ducks and after Getzlaf’s goal I was thinking, oh,oh here we go. I was extremely impressed by the second period response by the Boys In Blue And Green. They took the game over hard and really took it to Anaheim reminding me of the President’s trophy winning team that once played here.

Our defense needs some work. I have said it before and I will say it again “WE NEED A NUMBER ONE D MAN” all of the last three games have proven this to me more and if we are without Hamhuis for any extended amount of time don’t be surprised to see a move happen soon. I heard Myers was being shopped by Buffalo and Winnipeg is apparently very interested in Eddie Lack. I love the Stork and I would hate to see him go but the bettering of our team would make it sting a little less. What does Winnipeg have to offer and who else may be interested in Lack? We will have to wait and see. Til next time fellow Canuckheads I leave you with this….Two games versus Vancouver and Kesler has done nothing to make the Canucks think they made a mistake. Let’s follow Linden and Benning on this one and Kiss Kess goodbye..

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